Risk Management 2.0 for Granting Programs – 1 Day with optional Day 2


Participants will be able to:

  • Describe ‘Success Infrastructure’ and ‘Multiple Risk Management Methodologies’ which increase opportunities for results in granting project and program;
  • Describe a ‘risk management framework’ that enables more efficient application approval, project administration and oversight;
  • Describe better practice methodology (Risk Factoring) that efficiently and effectively provides accurate and reliable risk information for decision-making across the granting life cycle with an emphasis on Outcome Risk Management
  • Day 2 – design and implement integrated risk management methodologies for the Program, Operational and Application/Project levels


  • To be determined


8:30 to 4:30


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$695 + HST Day 1 only

$1,295 + HST Day 1 and Day 2

Includes training material and CD, certificate of participation, lunch, breakfast and refreshments

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About the Course

RM 2.0 for Granting Programs is designed for Granting Program Managers and Officers who would like to advance the risk management maturity of their organization. Participants will learn the features of ‘success infrastructure’ and methods to manage the risks that may impair it. They will also learn better practice methodology (Risk Factoring) that efficiently and effectively provides accurate and reliable risk information for decision-making across the Granting Life Cycle (GLC) with an emphasis on Outcome Risk Management.

In addition, participants of this course will learn how risk management can be used to enable more efficient application approval and project administration.

On Day 1, participants will be provided an overview of the concepts, methodologies and tools for RM 2.0 for Granting Programs.  Day 1 will also include hands-on practice with some of the tools.  For those who would like to examine additional details of how RM 2.0 is integrated and applied vertically and horizontally at Program Operational and Project levels, with additional practice with the tools, they may register for the Optional Day 2.

Course Outline

Day 1

Introductions, Objectives, Agenda & Context

  • Granting’s Risk Profile
  • Opportunities Associated with Risk Level Information
  • Component Approach: Risk Assessment (RA), Risk Management (RM) and Risk Communication (RC)
  • Why the Component Approach Matters

Review of Key Risk Management Concepts

  • 2 Parts of Risk
  • Future and Uncertainty
  • ‘Unknown’ Events
  • Informal and Formal
  • Program (Strategic) , Operational and Application/Project Risk

Success Infrastructure for Grants Risk Management

  • Grant Life Cycle (GLC)
  • Performance & Risk Management Strategy
  • Risk Management Framework & Methodology
  • RA RM & RC Capability

Grants Risk Management Methodologies

  • Risk Assessment (RA) Methodology for Program Risks
  • Risk Factoring (RF) Methodology for Operational & Project Risks
  • Risk Taxonomy Integrates RA and RF Methodologies Vertically and Across the GLC

RF Methodology Part I: Overview Model

  • Rules & Tools: Flexibility Rule, Risk Tolerance Strategy (RTS), Others
  • Methodology Application: Efficiently Provides Reliable Risk Scores
  • Manage Risks: For Individual Awards and Collectively

RF Methodology Part II: Rules & Tools Exercises

  • Categories, Factors & Weighting Exercise
  • Factor Definition Exercise
  • Criteria Exercise
  • RF Algorithms Exercise

Outcome Risk management & Oversight

  • What is Outcome Risk?
  • Managing Outcome Risk Across the GLC
  • Factors which Best Predict Outcome Risk
  • Risk Tolerance Strategy (RTS) for Outcome Risk  

Way Forward, Evaluation and Wrap-up



Optional Day 2


Review of the Day 1

Risk Management Framework (Framework)

  • Defining Risk Roles & Responsibilities
  • Defining Risk-based Delegated Approval
  • Vertical Integration
  • Exercise

Program Risk Assessment

  • Decisions / Opportunities Enabled
  • Review of Tools
  • Exercise

Operational Risk Assessment Level

  • Decisions / Opportunities Enabled
  • Determining Operational Units
  • Exercise

Application / Project Risk Assessment Level

  • Decisions / Opportunities Enabled
  • Application Risk Self-Assessment Level
  • Exercise

Way Forward, Evaluation & Wrap-up

Target Audience

  • Granting Directors who would like to advance the risk maturity of their organization
  • Granting Managers and Officers who would like to acquire practical templates and tools for risk assessment and management