Risk Communications – 1 Day


Participants will be able to:

  • Describe the keys considerations, methods and tools for developing successful risk communication that supports effective risk management
  • Develop and conduct timely and effective consultations and communications with stakeholders throughout the risk management decision process
Risk Communications includes ready to use copies of the models, templates and tools used in the course.


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8:30 to 4:30


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$695 + HST

Includes training material and CD, certificate of participation, lunch, breakfast and refreshments

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About the Course

Effective risk communication is central to effective risk management. Effective risk communication helps to clarify objectives; provides a mechanism to ensure that decision-makers have adequate information for making well-informed decisions; and builds credibility with other stakeholders, which in turn, improves the stakeholders’ understanding and acceptance of decisions.

Course Outline

Review of Key Risk Concepts

  • Risk and Uncertainty
  • Perception of Risk
  • Defining Risk Communications
  • Risk Management’s Integrated Components
    • Risk Assessment (RA)
    • Risk Management
    • Risk Communication (RC)
  • Risk Communication Process
  • Risk Communications Process

  • Understanding Objectives
  • Stakeholder Analysis
    • Exercise
  • Forms of Risk Communications
  • Key Process Issues
    • Trust and Credibility
    • Ways to Lose and Gain Credibility
    • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Developing Public Messages
  • Rules of Risk Communication
  • Evaluation and Wrap-up

Target Audience

  • Team Leaders involved in the risk management process
  • Executives, Managers and Officers dealing with the public in terms of explaining government policies and programs
  • Communications Staff who must be concerned about the credibility of their organization should be well informed about risk communications