Facilitating Risk Assessments – 2 Days


Participants will be able to:

  • Provide better advice to managers and the organization on the use of facilitated risk assessment sessions in meeting Vision and Maturity Targets for Enterprise Risk Management
  • Plan and conduct systematic risk assessment sessions better, employing group facilitation
  • Prepare better Risk Management Plans for implementation of risk mitigation priorities – in balance with other priorities and initiatives
Risk Assessment Facilitation includes a Reference Guide and ready to use copies of the models, templates and tools used in the course.


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8:30 to 4:30


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$1,295 + HST

Includes training material and CD, certificate of participation, lunch, breakfast and refreshments

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About the Course

Modern Risk Management requires organizations to have a suite of risk management tools and techniques. Systematic Risk Assessment is a fundamental component of the suite that can be used to efficiently and effectively assess and manage the strategic risks of major initiatives, programs and the organization overall. Systematic Risk Assessment can be applied at any time as needs arise, but typically Systematic Risk Assessments are updated annually and the results are used in planning for the achievement of results in the coming year(s).

This course is designed to advance the knowledge and skills learned in Modern Risk Management: Concepts, Tools & Techniques course. It will enable participants to become leaders of risk management in their areas – with detailed knowledge of risk management concepts, preparation and conduct Systematic Risk Assessment sessions (using skills in group facilitation), the use of Risk Management Plans to ensure effective implementation of risk mitigation priorities.

Course Outline

Introductions, Objectives, Agenda

Fundamentals of Risk Management

Fundamentals of Facilitation

Review & Practice – Systematic Risk Assessment

  • Step 1 – Define Objectives
    • keys to developing Effective Objectives
    • Exercise on Objectives
  • Step 2 – Identify Risk Events
    • Keys to effectively identifying Risk Events
    • Participants Practice facilitation on this step

Summary of the Previous day

Review & Practice – Systematic Risk Assessment

  • Step 3 – Assess Risks
    • Keys to effectively Assessing Risks
    • Participants Practice facilitation on this step
  • Step 4 – Risk Response
    • Keys to developing effective Risk Response
    • Participants Practice facilitation on this step
  • Step 5 – Report & Monitor
    • Keys to effective Reporting & monitoring
    • Exercise on Reporting & Monitoring

Planning & Logistics – Systematic Risk Assessment

  • Keys to effective Planning & Logistics
  • Exercise on Planning & Logistics

Session Report – Systematic Risk Assessment

  • Keys to effective Session Reporting
  • Exercise on Session Reporting

Next Steps

  • Discussion of challenges for facilitator and suggestions from Course Leaders

Wrap-up & Evaluation

Target Audience

  • Corporate and Branch managers, officers, and analysts:
    • assigned responsibility to support the strengthening of risk management
    • with an interest in supporting the strengthening of risk management
    • with an interest in developing their risk management skills
  • Facilitators interested in expanding their scope of service to include risk management.