Over 2000 participants have taken WC training courses across Canada and internationally


WC takes great pride in its track record providing risk management knowledge transfer. And still, risk management remains one of the top competency challenges for all public and private sector organizations. This is because external and internal environments rapidly change and evolve which continually morphs existing risks while new ones are relentlessly created.

Far too often, executives, managers, functional advisors and operational staff try to rely on ‘informal’ practices for managing risk. Informal practice includes risk identification based on ‘gut feel’ for what might happen. Fortunately, human hardwiring makes detecting risk by gut feel quite a good approach. The bad news is that informal practices can fall short where the waterfront of risks is complex and changing.

WC’s training goal is to equip participants with the means to recognize where excess reliance on informal risk management may pose a significant risk to achieving desired objectives and outcomes. We provide the skills and tools of ‘formal’ risk management and show how they can be used to augment informal practices. True risk management maturity comes from adding just enough formal risk management to fully activate the powerful informal capability resident in the human capital of all organizations, large and small.

Executive Presentations, Internal Audit, Training for Trainers & Custom Courses

WC provides Executive Presentations on topics such as:

  • Automation of Risk Measurement, Monitoring & Reporting
  • Board Risk Oversight
  • Enterprise Risk Management
  • Measuring Risk Maturity
  • Risk Appetite
  • Risk Communication
  • Risk Tolerance Strategies

Internal audit courses are also available. They are designed to uniquely advance the use of risk management concepts and techniques. Courses include:

  • Modern Risk-based Internal Auditing
  • Preliminary Risk Assessment in Internal Audit Engagement Planning

WC custom courses are specifically designed based on particular risk profiles, existing capacities and skill gaps of client organizations. Like all WC training, custom courses use interactive learning methods and can include follow-up assistance to support implementation of the course content.

Particular topics for custom training include:

  • Implementing Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
  • Modern Grants & Contribution Management: Improving Program Delivery

Participant Comments

Below are some of the comments from participants of our training courses:

  • “The presentations were simple, straightforward and easily understood. Both presenters were excellent”
  • “Very good! Simplifies the science of risk management”
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