Risk Management

WC’s risk management services pay particular attention to three (3) components that are fundamental to effective management of risk, namely: Risk Assessment (RA), Risk Management (RM) and Risk Communications (RC) as illustrated in the model below.


All three components are found within most methodologies such as the ISO 31000 Process. WC makes this distinction because management and staff need to understand the contribution of individual components to maximize efficacy in overall management of risk. It is also because organizations are rarely at the same level of capability in each component requiring risk innovation and training to be carefully designed, implemented and monitored based on individual component maturity.

WC assists and ‘coaches’ organizations to:

  • Design and implement frameworks and policies for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
  • Ensure levels of risk are a key driver for decisions on resource allocation, priorities. Policy options, litigation, audits, etc.
  • Advance their skills and tools within and between Strategic, Operational and Project levels
  • Advance their skills and tools in risk-orientated functional areas such as Grant & Contribution, Security, Human Resources, Internal Audit and Procurement
  • Conduct risk assessments (RA) and the follow-on requirements of risk management (RM) and risk communications (RC)
  • Design, develop and implement risk eTools to better measure, report, monitor and provide executive oversight of the risks and exposures within the organization.

Recent Projects

  • Risk Management Policy, Tools and Training Materials, and Corporate Risk Profile
  • Risk Management Strategy, Handbook, Tools and Training Materials
  • Design of Risk Assessment eTool for Grant & Contribution Programs
  • Design of Risk Assessment eTool for Security Inspection Planning