Methodologies & Tools

WC has developed and incorporated numerous methodologies and tools for effectively applying and integrating risk management concepts and strategies into decision-making.


For example, WC has helped many clients design and deploy Risk Factoring methodology. This methodology works well where there are high volumes of transactions and stable factors which predict risk of non-compliance or non-performance. The model opposite illustrates WC’s application of Risk Factoring to Grants Management.


WC also has a wide array of tools that assist clients with Risk Assessment (RA), Risk Management (RM) and Risk Communications, including:

  • Risk Scorecard Toolkit
  • Risk Scorecard®
  • Risk Identification Worksheet
  • Risk Analysis Worksheet
  • Risk Response Strategies Worksheet
  • Risk Management Plan
  • Risk Register
  • Risk Mitigation Efficacy Scale
  • Risk Matrix (Criteria for the level of impact and likelihood)
  • Risk Tolerance Strategy Model
  • Risk Taxonomy (Sources of Risk Template)
  • Risk Monitoring, Reporting and Oversight Tool
  • Risk Maturity Assessment Tool
  • Risk Communications Worksheet